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The City of Martinez needs to become active in embracing diversity as one of the city’s core values. To this end I have spearheaded the movement to make this happen. I have mobilized our communities, with the help of people who inspire me, such as the East County NAACP and Together We Stand, as well as other community-based groups, to get our community active in areas of cultural diversity and by using our voices to protect our most vulnerable members and stand in solidarity. Together we have faced a great deal of resistance to end the status quo and make Martinez a safe and welcoming place for all citizens.

I have worked on a few projects as a community representative in multiple areas with multiple communities in Martinez such as the ARDPIE task-force. I spearheaded efforts to make this task-force representative of the people it is designed to protect. I pushed for our elected officials along with the Martinez Police Department to become more involved in the changes that the minority communities need. I have also worked very hard to hold the town’s leadership accountable and pushed for transparency, investment, and growth in areas that effect most of our lives. I have been a member of the Community Advisory Board of Contra Costa County for over 1.5 years and was the chair for the subcommittee of community outreach. I have found my passion in community development and used my voice to not only push for justice on all levels but too protect our most vulnerable citizens. I plan to use my leadership capabilities to make Martinez a town where all citizens feel represented. Thanks.

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